When we started Progressa over 5 years ago, we were motivated with a mission to build a socially responsible consumer finance company that encourages borrowing for the right reasons.

Back in 2013, there weren’t the proper resources for pay cheque to pay cheque Canadians to consolidate their debt and rebuild their credit…it was time to change this. We set out to build a company that encourages borrowing for the right reasons that Canadians can be proud of.

Fast forward to January 2019 where we are proud to have over 30,000 happy customers, over $100m in responsibly funded loans, an industry-leading 50+ NPS score, a BBB A+ rating, and over 4 stars on Google and Facebook.

These are amazing achievements! But despite all of these great stats, it seemed there was one thing not sitting right…our brand position. We decided to survey our customers and team to find out what Progressa really means to them. We discovered our brand and how we communicated ourselves wasn’t fully aligned with how our customers and team view us. To our customers, we provide peace of mind, confidence, and progress. This is what really matters.

Peace of mind, confidence, and progress.

Recently we compiled The 2019 Annual State of Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque Canadian Consumers and discovered that 76% of consumers don’t think their bank would help them during a difficult situation. Trust is what matters to consumers, and we sort out to show all the fantastic things we do to accomplish this.

Everyone occasionally needs a course correction in their finances. Our attention to detail, superior products, and relentless focus on customer service ensure that their stories can be put back on course.

How we conduct our everyday business is just as important as what we do. Our CHIEF values revolve around empathy, and these are the principles that guide us daily. We achieve this through our Paper Plane Promise

The Paper Plane Promise.

You may or may not have noticed, but our branding often features our Progressa Paper Plane, and there is an essential reason for this.

No two paper planes are precisely the same. Each has its own unique details. For most, these details are easy to see. The weight of the paper. The colour. The texture.

But for us at Progressa, each paper plane represents YOU, our customer. Every fold, cut, bend, or edge are essential components that create a specific flight path. This is the unique approach we take with our loans. We assess every individual situation and tailor a personalized plan to get you on a 1st class flight to financial freedom.

We’re here to help you make progress.

We’re here to listen.

We’re here for you.

We’re Progressa, and your story matters. |

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Rich Elliott

The author Rich Elliott

Hey! I’m Rich and the Creative Director here at Progressa.

I love to communicate visually (so writing isn’t my strong suit). You can find me at the office, gym, brewery, or local pizza joint.