Changing your outlook on personal health is all about putting new ideas into practice and sticking with them, and the same goes for new ways to keep your finances in shape. And just as there are often new discoveries that can lead to health improvements day-to-day by the implementation of small changes, so too with money management – there’s always someone out there trying a new strategy to make their money go further. Want to make sure your accounts are the healthiest – and wealthiest they’ve ever been this year? Here are a few habits you can add to your bag of tricks.

Put Pen to Paper

In our increasingly digitized world, it can be a huge advantage to let electronic tools take care of some of your financial goals. Who doesn’t want to be able to pay bills online, or automatically shuttle some money into a savings account without thinking about having to do it, right? On the other hand, there’s an important value left over in making literal, physical notes of your day to day money matters. Have a tax deadline to remember? Write it down! Need to send off a bill payment? Plant a post-it note somewhere you’ll notice later. Owe a friend for drinks last weekend? Write out a reminder of the balance – studies show that by writing information out, we create spatial relationships in our brain that help to reinforce important ideas. It only takes a moment, and even the temporary act of committing pen to paper will help you keep better mental track of your

Pay Yourself First

This is one we’ve touched on many times at the Progressa blog, and it bears repeating. They pay themselves first. Paying bills on time is crucial to financial management, but what about paying yourself as part of that commitment? To build up your savings on a consistent basis, start “paying yourself first” by setting aside a certain amount each pay period for your savings account before you budget for other expenses. Treat this account just like you would a recurring bill and, if possible, make it automatic.

Get Smarter With Money

When it comes to improving your finances, there’s no such thing as learning too much about how to get better at it. Make a habit of reading up on a well-regarded blog, publication, podcast, or book on a regular basis. A good Google search will get you going pretty quickly, but so will a visit to the Personal Finance section at a local bookstore. There are so many intelligent opinions out there that could not only teach you something new, but also reinforce your will and resolve to improve by way of their own examples! And we’re not just tooting our own horn here at the Progressa blog – go forth and learn as much as you can!

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