We’ve talked about a lot of important principles over the last few months here at the Progressa Blog: paying yourself first. Setting solid, achievable goals. Breaking down your strategy for beating debt into smaller steps. Tracking your spending with tools both digital and analog, and finding ways to save on the things that make up your everyday life as well as the special moments. And, of course, the value of perspective that can be gained through obtaining the proper credit reports and assessments.

While we’re proud to count the increasing numbers of Progressa user success stories starting on their path to financial stability every day, there are countless other real-world examples of these strategies working for Canadians from all backgrounds. In a recent Globe And Mail article, thirteen such stories are profiled. We invite you to take a read for yourself and see how some of the abstract principles and tactics we talk about every week here on the blog can affect real-world change.

Here’s the link to the Globe: 13 Tips to Eliminate Debt From Regular People Who Paid Off Thousands.

Now that you’ve had a look: we’d love for you to share your story with us or with the wider world around you! Some of the best inspiration in the personal finance world has come from intrepid bloggers setting out to document their own journey toward a better financial future. People like Blonde On A Budget, for example. Documentation is not only a creative outlet: talking about the steps you’re taking and putting your updates on a schedule will reinforce the cognitive and behavioural discipline that you need as part of a plan to build your way out of debt, toward retirement, or up to any other major financial goal.


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