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There are those people who make New Years resolutions (I’ll go to the gym more… I guess?) and then there are those who make New Year’s resolutions. The kind that stick. The kind that get you moving, set you on a course, can be tracked along the way and ultimately result in the accomplishment of assertive new changes.

Are you ready to make some financial resolutions for 2016? Or perhaps you’re wondering what you should aim to achieve in the coming year? The fact is, everyone’s situation is different, and it’s hard to recommend that everyone try to accomplish some specific goal or other over a certain period of time that might just be totally against their grain when it comes down to scheduling, budget needs, lifestyle and so forth. Will you start the year with a clean slate, wiping out your debts wholesale? Or will you put an incremental plan in place to slowly but surely improve your financial health by building up an emergency fund or adding to your nest egg?

There’s really no perfect financial new years resolutions, other than the ones you keep. In order to help you, consider setting goals that are:


  • Specific enough that they are meaningful to you.
  • Measurable in a way that you can use to improve over time.
  • Achievable/Action Oriented in the sense that they can be broken down into a plan with identifiable actions leading to a greater definition of success.
  • Realistic – don’t aim for the stars if you don’t quite understand how to get to them or what lies in wait for you there – you may feel overburdened before you even start your journey!
  • Timely – this one is really important. Put your goals on a schedule! It will make achievement of each step toward your ultimate goal the focus of a specific amount of attention and time.

what are your 2106 financial new years resolutions?



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