According to CBC Business, 83% of Canadian workers polled for a 2019 survey said they regularly experience stress related to money problems and how much (or little) they’re paid. This is despite record job creation and low unemployment in Canada’s recent months. In lieu of this astonishing figure, we asked ourselves, what are some simple habits that people can do to ensure a bright financial future and elevate the stress of money?

Depending on your own personal financial situation and literacy, some of these simple habits may be more relevant than others. However, the biggest thing you can do for yourself to ensure a bright financial future is: to follow the money. 

That is, you should always know exactly how much money you’re making, how much you’re spending, and how much you’re saving, investing, and paying off in debt and interest. The more you know about your money—and financial literacy in general—the more equipped you’ll be for a brighter financial future. 

Let’s break this down into bite-sized, simple habits. 

30 simple habits to ensure a bright financial future

  1. Track your monthly income and spending
  2. Categorize your spending at the end of every month 
  3. Establish financial goals and a clear budget and stick to them
  4. Pay down your debt 
  5. Set aside 10-15% of your income toward savings 
  6. Plan ahead, research, and save up for large expenditures, such as a vacation
  7. Always pay at least your monthly minimums
  8. Invest in your future 
  9. Spend time understanding financial literacy
  10. Learn from financial experts
  11. Set up passive income streams 
  12. Curb your shopping and frivolous spending
  13. Treat or reward yourself once in a while, especially after meeting a financial goal
  14. Make sure that you can afford your expenses
  15. Find free, simple ways to treat yourself and spend your time
  16. Set career and growth goals with your boss to give yourself a raise
  17. Set up automatic savings withdrawals from every paycheque
  18. Look into savings and investment options that can earn you money
  19. Find a credit card that works for your financial situation (rewards versus interest)
  20. Pick up a freelance side gig for extra spending money
  21. Set up auto payments on your bills
  22. Insure your assets, including yourself and your family’s health
  23. Do your taxes
  24. Hire experts when and where you need it
  25. Take notes of your financial behaviour and where you would like to see improvements
  26. Calculate how much your debt costs you in interest every month and every year
  27. Set goals using a debt calculator to work your way out of debt
  28. If your lifestyle costs more than you’re earning, find ways to boost your income or reduce your expenditures
  29. Consolidate your debt at a lower interest rate and pay it off as quickly as possible
  30. Work with experts to find a healthy, sustainable financial situation that ensures a bright future

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