Every Day I’m (Side) Hustlin’: A Guide to the Side Hustle

Despite the cultural fascination with doing what you love, most of us are working hard on the nine-to-five schedule trying to do our best to manage our finances and time, keep our bills paid, and practice good spending and saving habits. And so, when we get home, it’s our time to relax, unwind, and pursue interests in which we have a more personal or passion-driven investment. For me, it’s recording and mixing music, but it could be anything: writing, graphic design, coaching, knitting, artisanal kombucha home-brewing, you name it. These are things that you’re good at or want to be better at, things that might be difficult to make into a super-stable job but nonetheless but have value in and of themselves.w1-1-left-turn-400x400


Some people call them hobbies. Some call them passion projects. But when you can start turning the experiential value of these creative endeavours into real supplementary income, they become side hustles. You should get one. Here’s why.

Creativity Breeds Productivity

Chances are, even if you aren’t the next Mozart, some part of you longs to create something on a purely artistic or aesthetic level. Giving yourself an outlet for this creative energy is valuable for your overall emotional health – it might make you less stressed, less anxious, or more content in ways that improve your outlook on life and transfer benefits to your engagement with your “normal” job.

Build Better Time Management

While it’s true that managing even one job – along with the host of other responsibilities that life may throw at you – can be a difficult task, deciding to commit some of your free time to a creative way to earn extra income will create new layers of much-needed structure and personal accountability. Your side hustle will push you to work more efficiently and  become a masterful multi-tasker.

Kickstart Your Savings

Good savings practices are essentially a percentage game: how much of your income can you set aside for future growth and still be able to sustain your lifestyle and financial commitments? Having a side hustle provides extra breathing room around the margins of this calculation. You shouldn’t necessarily consider side-hustling to be a short term solution, but rather a plan with an eye on the long view of your financial picture.

Explore New Technology

The web-connected world has made starting up a side hustle easier than it has ever been. The force that many call “the gig economy” is largely driven by the kind of direct-to-service connectivity that the internet has pioneered, through sites and apps like Etsy, Fiverr, Uber and its many offshoots – linking creators and do-ers to their clients in real time.

The great thing about picking up a side hustle is that the sky is the limit! There’s relatively little risk involved in trying to take a hobby or interest to the next level and turn it into a source of extra income. Dream it and do it!



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