Is a Fintech Career in Your Future?

Fintech has been called the killer of banking jobs, what with its focus on automation and lean, startup-oriented operational mentality. However, the sector is exploding in its own right: the emergence of the alternative banking sector and fintech in general is creating strong opportunities for everyone from skilled data scientists and programmers, to accountants with retail banking skills.

Could a fintech career be in your future?

Fintech and payments industries are where innovation is concentrating in the financial sector. New graduates of finance and MBA programs gravitate to the industries that tend to be most innovative. Survey data from across the Atlantic shows that In London alone, 46,000 jobs in the sector are predicted to be created over the next ten years.


Successful fintech firms require experts on both the financial and technology sides, and fintech career platforms can be built from a variety of different pre-existing skill sets that make sense given the direction and mission statement of any one of a number of firms. Security, data science, risk management, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other areas of expertise are all welcome, as is a general acceptance of the startup mentality – low-barrier, silo-free operation is common to many firms.

Fintech career candidates need to be ready and willing to adapt to changing models, and have the creative drive to craft and refine their own ideas into the models that will shape the industry’s future. The competition in the fintech career space is fierce: new players are emerging at a rapid pace, and the industry requires a new calibre of candidates who can demonstrate relevant experience, as well as the soft skills and cultural fit that will fuel this thriving market further.

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