At Progressa Your Story Matters and we embody this through our CHIEF values every single day. We’re not just another faceless company and, to show how proud we are of this, each month we are going to be featuring a team member from Progressa.

To kick things off we are featuring our commander-in-chief, Ali Pourdad! He has been our CEO since we started all the way back in 2013. Prior to co-founding Progressa, Ali worked in both corporate restructuring and audit & assurance, with the bulk of his professional career at PwC, where he managed top-tier engagements of financial firms. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Ali holds a Canadian Chartered Accountant degree and a BBA in Finance from Simon Fraser University. He began his professional career at a young age, co-founding a leading IT services firm with locations in Edmonton, AB and Vancouver, BC in 1998. Ali is also a regular contributor to Business in Vancouver’s weekly technology panel, and was named to BIV’s Top 40 under 40 in 2017 and is the Co-Chair of the Canadian Lenders Association.

So without further adieu, meet Ali!

What is you name?

“Ali Pourdad”

How would you describe your role at Progressa?

“My role is responsible for setting the mission and vision of the Company and guiding our leadership team on executing our business strategies.”

How would your parents describe what you do at Progressa?

“I talk to my parents about Progressa all the time, so probably the same way!”

What makes you feel inspired or like your best self?

“That we are executing on a social mission in Progressa, that is changing many lives for the better.”

If you could turn back the time and talk to your 18-year old self, what would you tell him?

“Buy a ton of Apple Stock before they launched the iPod.”

If you could have dinner with any 3 people dead or alive who would it be and why?

“My grandpa because I miss him. And probably Warren Buffett and either Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, because I have lots of questions for them, both professionally and personally!”

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt and why?

“Would’ve loved to be a golfer, but didn’t start early enough!”

What’s your go-to order at your favourite restaurant?

“I like all food. If i had to pick it would be the Burrata Salad at Terroni.”

What’s something you’ve failed at?

“Definitely would say spending enough time with my young family. But I’m optimistic that will change =)”

Thank you Ali for sharing your story, and letting us understand what makes you tick! Be sure to stay tuned for next month’s ‘Faces of Progressa’, featuring Shatabdi.

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