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Ideas For Getting Through Financial Hardship

Financial hardship is more than just living beyond your means. It usually occurs like a snowball effect. Perhaps something happened, an unforeseen event or a major financial burden, that you hadn’t planned or saved for. Perhaps you lost your job, had unexpected health issues arise, or have a large debt
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Baby Boomers vs Millennials: How Different are Their Financial Habits?

Millennials (aged between 23-38 currently) are facing more financial challenges than Baby Boomers (aged 55-73) ever faced. There are more than 7.3 million Millennials in Canada – the largest generation since the Baby Boomers.  Business Insider reports that the financial behaviors of Millennials are heavily influenced by the Great Recession
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Financial Literacy Series: 21 Signs That You Need Help With Your Finances

This is the second blog post in our Financial Literacy Series, in which we discuss the relationship between your finances and your personal health and wellness—and aim to increase your financial literacy and understanding. Check out our first blog in the series, Financial Literacy and Wellness 101. As a quick
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