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Financial Literacy Series: 21 Signs That You Need Help With Your Finances

This is the second blog post in our Financial Literacy Series, in which we discuss the relationship between your finances and your personal health and wellness—and aim to increase your financial literacy and understanding. Check out our first blog in the series, Financial Literacy and Wellness 101. As a quick
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The 2019 Annual State of Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque Canadian Consumers

We conducted our first ever Annual State of Non-Prime Canadian Consumers Survey. We asked questions related to income, expenses, debt load, budget management, and credit monitoring. The results raised some concerns over how much financial literacy education Canadians require, but more importantly, this survey showed some clear signs that Canadians are
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Credit Exclusion: What Is It and Why Does It Matter In Canada?

People who are credit excluded have limited or no access to mainstream credit. Importantly, they may be excluded because they, for whatever reason, cannot access credit services, or, because those services simply are not useful to them because of their particular circumstances—this is what some scholars call access and utility
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