When I think of Canada Day celebrations, I think of fireworks, BBQs, live concerts in parks, parades of people in red and white, and escaping the busyness for the Canadian great outdoors. There are many fantastic ways to celebrate Canada Day on a budget. Here a few fun ideas to get you excited to celebrate on July 1st—without breaking the bank. 

1 – Check out your city’s free Canada Day events

Most Canadian cities throw several Canada Day events such as parades, parties, free concerts, performances in local parks, fireworks, pop-up beer gardens, and food festivals, and various other fun, family-friendly, and on-a-budget activities. 

Do some research to find out what your hometown is doing to celebrate. See if anyone is interested in joining you for various free events and go check them out. Bring some sunscreen, snacks, water, a hat, and a picnic blanket, find a good viewing spot and settle in for some free, live entertainment. Public transportation, walking, and biking to events will likely be the best as free Canada Day celebrations tend to draw a significant crowd. 

2 – Pack a picnic and go to a local park or beach

Enjoying one of your Canadian city’s many local parks, marine parks, lighthouses, or beaches is a great way to celebrate Canada Day on a budget. Pack a picnic for you and your friends, load up your bike or car, and meet them at your chosen sunny spot. Some local parks even allow you to bring a portable BBQ, so do your research, plan ahead, and pack for an epic afternoon or early evening picnic in nature. 

3 – Explore or go camping at one of Canada’s provincial or federal parks

Canada celebrated it’s 150th birthday last year by giving out passes to visit its many federal parks. If there’s anything many Canadians learned from that gesture, it’s that Canada has hundreds of beautiful provincial and federal parks waiting to be explored and camped in. Day trips to go on hikes and walks in nature don’t require much planning, but reserve ahead if you aim to camp. The word on just how stunning Canada’s great outdoors are is out.  

4 – Throw a backyard BBQ potluck with your friends and loved ones

What better way to celebrate Canada Day on a budget than by providing the space, decorating your yard, balcony, or nearby local park with a few red and white paraphernalia, and throwing a BBQ potluck? Organize the picnic blankets, utensils, and a few classically Canadian potluck dishes, and have your friends bring a dish and something to drink. It’s practically free and bound to be fun and delicious. If you own a BBQ, invite friends over, provide the salads and sides, and get them all to bring something to grill and drink!

5 – Be a tourist in your own city for the day

Many of us have never had the pleasure of exploring our hometown as the hordes of tourists so often do. Do some research and make a list of the top 10 sightseeing activities and places to go in your city that all the tourists love. Cross off the ones you’ve done before and then tackle a few of the rest—especially the ones that work for your budget. For example, perhaps there’s a walking tour or a local food tour of an area you’ve yet to explore, or a boat trip that you’ve always wanted to go on, or a museum that you’ve never visited.

Who knows, you may come to love your Canadian hometown even more after seeing it from a new perspective. 

Happy Canada Day from the team at Progressa!

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