The Alternative Lending Survey By Progressa

Alternative lending is still relatively new to many financial consumers. Not to mention the fact that a large number of non-bank or alternative lending providers have entered the marketplace in the last several years. We’ve had lots of questions about the processes that make our business tick: how is it, really, that we’re able to offer a lending solution for Canadians that works better to rebuild your financial health without the dangerous interest rates and penalties associated with short term payday lending?

In light of this, it’s incredibly important to establish some mutual understanding, both of what our customers know about alternative lending, and what we can do better to identify and meet their needs. We’ve developed a survey that’s among the first of its kind in alternative lending in Canada that is designed to help make this kind of mutual understanding a reality!

If you’re interested in becoming an alternative lending customer, but have important questions, or if you’re an existing customer with advice about how the industry could perform better, we want to hear from you. The pace of innovation and evolution is so rapid in the fintech space that we are grateful for the opportunity to guide that process with your feedback.

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Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2017!