Personal finance is somewhat of a grey area for most people. Without formal education in schools and university, it’s hard for those not directly connected to the industry to learn and gain knowledge around this area.

I remember after I had gained my residency here in Canada, I immediately visited my bank to see how I can save more money.  I was put in front of a financial advisor pouring out a bunch of jargon that was totally foreign. Being human, I nodded and smiled, pretending I knew what he was talking about…I needed to do some research.

I left wondering how on earth can someone gain basic yet essential knowledge on personal finance? Reading pages of writing/articles simply doesn’t sink in for me…so I turn to podcasts. I find them perfect for when I have downtime, cooking, commuting to work or even on a lazy Sunday.

Over the years, I  have stumbled upon a few personal finance podcasts, and what can I say…they made me feel financially ‘cool’.  The most important thing I have learned is how important it is to get your money ducks aligned asap.

Be warned! There are quite a few extremely nauseating ones out there, but here’s my Canadian Top 5:

1 – Because Money

This podcast is hosted by financial planners and is meant for a Canadian audience. They cover anything from ethical purchasing to being financially prepared in the instance of a job loss or tragic event. They break everything down in simple terms and keep you engaged. Check it out here.

2 – Mostly Money

This is a really handy personal finance, business, and entrepreneurship podcast for average people. It’s a light-hearted look into all things money related. It’s mostly about money, but sometimes things get off topic. Like fast cars, fatty foods, movies, science, and more. Give it a listen here.

3 – Mo’ Money Podcast

Jessica Moorhouse is a powerhouse Millennial money expert. If you’re looking to obtain knowledge and learn how to make smarter financial choices, this is a great podcast.  Not only does Jessica discover lessons from top finance & business experts, she also has super insightful conversations with inspirational friends and family members. You can give Jessica a listen here.

4 – Simple Money Solutions

This is a great option to learn about various topics within personal finance. What I really like about this one is that hosts, Courtney and Trevor really breakdown the subjects into an easy and understandable format. The create a great foundation to make educated financial decisions. Find out more on their website.

5 – Canadian Couch Potato

This podcast features a nice little mix of expert interviews, helpful tips for DIY investors, and answers to questions from listeners and blog readers. If you want an easy listen that isn’t too intense, give this one a shot.

So that’s my top 5. I recommend listening to one or 2 episodes from each one and find out what relates to you best.

Hope you enjoy!

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