Think of treating yourself as a scale that needs to be balanced. 

For those who never treat themselves, this deprivation can have negative health effects around resentment, depletion, and unhappiness. For those who treat themselves too often and too frivolously, the same can be said as feelings of guilt and financial stress come into play. 

Balance and staying within your means are key when it comes to treating yourself, which is why we’re discussing four times it’s okay to treat yourself today. 

After all, studies show that treating yourself once in a while can help reduce stress, boost your mood, help you to avoid burnout, and remind you that you’re number one. Treating yourself can also help you create a balanced, happy and healthy lifestyle and learn good spending habits. 

4 times it’s okay to treat yourself!

1 – When you deserve a vacation

As the term vacation implies, sometimes you need to vacate. 

If you know yourself well enough, you’ll know when the stress of your career and daily life is weighing too heavily on you. On the other hand, if you’ve only recently returned from a vacation and have no savings to afford it, the guilt of feeling that you don’t deserve a vacation will impact your happiness and wallet. 

Plan your trip ahead-of-time, do your research to ensure that you’re getting a price that works for your budget, and save up for your trip. Paying off your vacation after-the-fact is not an ideal spending habit and may be a sign that you’re living beyond your means. Make sure that you can afford your trip and treat yourself and relax while you’re away.

2 – When it comes to your health and wellness

It’s okay to treat yourself when it comes to your health and wellness—as long as it’s within your budget

For example, buying a membership to your favourite gym or exercise class, treating yourself to the odd massage, or purchasing healthcare and wellness products are great ways to treat yourself that will boost your happiness, health, and wellbeing. 

There are also free ways to treat yourself and boost your wellness, such as biking in nature, going for a walk, meditating on a beach, spending time with loved ones, or taking a bubble bath and reading a good book. 

Find out what brings you joy and treat yourself to it. 

3 – When it’s a simple, random act for yourself

Let’s unpack this point. These treats to yourself should be simple, not extravagant or over-budget. They should also be random, which is to say that they should not be frequent enough to cause you to feel like you don’t deserve it or that you stress about its financial impact too much. 

For example, if you’re trying to save money, treat yourself to farm-fresh, local produce and pack a beautiful lunch for work, rather than eating out. Or buy local, delicious coffee beans and improve your home-brew coffee set up to avoid buying coffee every day. 

4 – When you’ve met your financial goals

Another great time that it’s okay to treat yourself is after you’ve met a financial goal. We discussed how to figure out your financial priorities in a previous blog post and it is important to celebrate and acknowledge your successes. 

For example, if your goal was to pay off more than the minimum monthly payment of your credit card over the next six months, and you met that goal—treat yourself. Make sure that it won’t set you back financially, but allow yourself to be grateful for your hard work and diligence. Keep up the good work!

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