What To Do About a Canada Post Interruption?

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News of a potential Canada Post work stoppage has been circulating for some time, and as each negotiation deadline approaches, businesses and consumers who depend on physical mail services are often left wondering what to do. One of the most important uses of the postal system is to manage the receipt and payment of bills, notices and other important financial documents: here’s what you need to know about your obligations in the event of a Canada Post strike.


The vast majority of service providers with recurring billing, such as phone, internet, cable and utility providers, are going out of their way to remind customers that they are still liable for payments even though they may not receive a physical copy of their bills by mail. Many of these service providers already offer online or preauthorized billing, options which allow you to take more granular control over your monthly finances and effectively plan your budget around the service charges you can expect to receive. Preauthorization in particular offers a significant benefit, as it’s impossible to make a late payment and thus incur a penalty. Now could be a great time to investigate these options to improve your financial health.

The “essentials”, which, as defined by Canada Post, include socio-economic cheques, such as child tax benefits, disability benefits, Old Age Security Pension, Canada Pension Plan benefits and benefits for veterans, will be delivered on the 20th of each month in the event of a work stoppage.

For those of us whose commitment to payment of important financial obligations currently depends on the postal system, the most effective tool is likely the Canada Post Negotiations Update page.

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